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Welcome to Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy!

We are happy to help you understand more about our services, because it’s important to know who we are before you dive in to our products and programs. This is where entrepreneurs come to level up in their authentic life purpose and mission businesses by awakening and monetizing their god given talents to a deeper level. We welcome the entrepreneurial spirit from all levels, whether your just starting out and don’t know what your god given talents are, to the people who want to polish their god given talents to shine brighter, to the advanced talented individual who wants to bring up their outstanding talents and their income to another level. We provide a unique education and experience tailored to accelerate personal authentic self-growth and awakening that translates into a more refined expression of your god given talents and its financial abundance.

What is unique about us?

  1. Nourishment of Love. Our message is accompanied by tremendous nourishment of our love and caring. We believe that every product, service and event we offer is an expression of our love and is essential for your own personal growth and prosperity. We believe that love is the foundation of personal awakening of the authentic self and therefore we set our intention to envelope you with our energetic love so that your authentic selves may expand more fully.
  2. Healing events and high quality information from the divine. Much of what we offer is being taught to you by divine guidance of spirit or what we call channeling. Divina and our team work with spiritual guides to assist yourself and us as you go through the program.  All topics are meticulously planned out to give you the best quality information you need for that particular topic.
  3. Coaching. We provide you with the best coaching so that your vibration can be in the highest potential if can possibly be. The higher the vibration you posses, the better the ability for you to awaken and monetize your god given talents. We offer coaching to help you with divine tools and strategies you can keep using long after your coaching package has been completed.  Our coaching provides accountability and an experienced perspective to accelerate your growth in your business.
  1. Community. We provide an online community where you can mingle with other participants from our events and share your own journeys towards your path to a more authentic self, more awakened talents and prosperity. This energetic community will help raise your vibration in order to manifest your dreams with your god given talents faster than you ever thought possible.
  2. Spirituality. We believe we are all connected to the divine, and that you are a divine spirit created by the universe and god here to manifest your god given talents to its fullest potential and here to monetize it abundantly. Our teachings are deeply connected to the teachings of the spiritual realms.
  3. Discounts. We believe in giving massive value and giving you more than what you paid for. We give bonuses and free gifts and discounts as you move along in different services that we offer
  4. We believe in you. We know the amazing soul that you are and we are here to support you and the greatness that god created you to be. We are confident that we can make your life a success and that we can help you make a difference in other people’s lives with your awakened god given talents, and that you can have a secure income manifested with our unique monetizing mindset techniques.

What results can you expect?

Results are based on effort and we believe in joyful hard work. Our program will 100% give you a more awakened god given talent and will monetize it more easily because our proven strategies have gotten results for so many of our students. The more frequently you apply our strategies, the faster you will see results.

Who do you typically work with? What is expected of me?

People who are hungry to take their lives to the next level. They are business oriented, they take seriously that their god given talents are there for a reason and wholeheartedly want to make it their full time careers full of monetized prosperity. Positive minded, high energy that are bold and want to do the work. We expect you to have an open mind to our education and be willing to try something new.  You must be committed to change.

What type of person are your programs NOT for?

People who are not willing to do whatever it takes to make a financial investment in themselves, even if it looks hard to do so they make the sacrifices to feed their education.

We choose not to work with complainers, negative people who are skeptical all the time, pessimistic, or procrastinators who never do their assignments and miss their coaching sessions, or quitters. If you fall into one of these categories, for the sake of both of us, don’t waste your time and money in the program.

Can I look at the testimonials of people who have gone through the program?

Yes, you can check out our testimonials under the testimonials tab in the website

How do I get my questions answered if I have any questions?

You can contact us, via the contact tab button of the website.


About Divina

divina_photo3Divina is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach & certified Virtual Coach and attended the prestigious Quantum Success Coaching Academy as well as Eban Pagan’s Virtual Coach Program, where they teach key law of attraction strategies to awaken the full vibrancy and potential of people to attract the life of their dreams. The virtual coach program is about increasing your productivity to its maximum as well as a integrated approach to success in ALL, not just one area of your life. She is a author of her bestselling book, Reawaken Your Authentic Self, founder of Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy, the creator of the revolutionary 4BodyAwakenting System(TM) the program that helps individuals awaken and monetize their god given talents and life purpose so they can live a fulfilled lifestyle. The Academy is all about teaching people about awakening their authentic selves to get ahead in their personal and professional lives.

She also has two kindle books available on amazon.com “Divina’s Living Caribbean Cuisine” and “Divina’s Hearty Raw Foods” that inspire others on her passion for healthy and tasty living! She has an upcoming book called “The Butterfly Diet™” www.TheButterflydiet.com that is currently being taught in her seminars, teleclasses, coaching and events. This information on The Butterfly Diet™, was a channeling from the divine, directly from Divina’s, super-conscious mind or higher self to bring true health alignment of the physical body with how its supposed to be, which is spiritually nourished to created the ultimate expanded reconnection with the creator and everyone’s highest self, which allows a sharper and deeper channeling of the God-Given talents, the life purpose everyone is meant to express and offer to the planet.

Divina experienced a profound transformation where the essence of her highest self merged back into her physical body, after a period of five years of intensely following the teachings written in her book “Reawaken Your Authentic Self” as well as following The Butterfly Diet™. Since then she has dedicated her life to reawakening others into their authentic selves to awaken and monetize their god given talents, their life purpose and true fulfillment. The powerful teachings in her academy program had a profound effect on her journey in rediscovering and reawakening her authentic self within and sharing and teaching this message of reawakening with others.

My Story

Hi! This is Divina, thank you for visiting the about me section of my page. I wanted to dedicate a small section on my story. I was born in the Dominican Republic; my parents are Dominican and English. My Dominican mother had a lot of mental problems of schizophrenia (or something of the likes) and genetically, I took on a lot of that negative burden that influenced a lot of why I grew up in poverty. People’s family bloodlines can carry a lot of negative karma, of dark energy; disease, illness and mental problems just to name a few. I grew up in poverty, not monetarily but in emotional poverty, physical poverty and mental poverty and spiritual poverty. I was bitter depressed, overweight. I wasn’t connected to my higher self at all, in fact I was so disconnected, I didn’t even know I had so much outstanding talent in my artistry as I do now. I didn’t know what my life mission was at the time when I was growing up and I was bitter and angry at the negative aspect and hardships of life. My talents as an artist were very little, I could draw, but little did I know that that talent was connected to an even larger talent, and that was of being a clothing designer. As a clothing designer today I channel so much in pictures and channel hundreds of clothing designs a year clairvoyantly in my minds eye, something that I thought to be impossible. I couldn’t sing with vibrato before, and now miraculously I can sing and my creative talent dancing is so much more presence.

The overall PRESENSE in my daily life was lacking, I wasn’t in my body and people could tell, they would tell me I looked like a zombie, or that I had scattered energy, that I was to flighty and dreamy and was not grounded at all in my body. The more spiritual practices I did, the more presence I gained in my body and the more present I was in the now moment.

It wasn’t until I had that amazing spiritual experience in a shamanic ceremony, where my higher self anchored itself in my body and started screaming, “I’m in my body, I am in my body” that awakening was the beginning of something amazing my life. I started to see my talent as an artist skyrocket, and my income skyrocketed along with it as well!

I could feel emotions more deeply, I could love deeper, and I felt the intelligence of positive emotion finally guiding my life to deeper more successful aspects of my god given talents. The better I felt, synchronicities started happening in my life more rapidly that gave me abundance within my god given talents that I never new about or that could exist.

After that ceremony I was told by my highest self that I was meant to be a teacher and teach everything that I learned to awaken my authentic self and my god given talent and the mindset that helped me awaken the abundance that can be had with these talents that are really our life purpose and mission to deliver to the planet.

I decided that I would coach people, create the 4BodyAwakeningSystem and teach seminars and events and create program for this purpose of awakening the most important function you will ever own and that is your god given talent.

Today I stand before you eager and happy to be of service for you and put of great use my life purpose of being a teacher, mentor to you to awaken your potential to a higher level of existence.

Sending you a warm hug and much love,


Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Life Purpose and Talent Awakening Mentor?

To best answer this question, I want to share with you a defining moment in my life where everything changed and I decided to be a Talent Awakening and Monetizing coach.

That defining moment in my life happened in late 2012 a few weeks before my birthday. 6 months before that I had received that I needed to upgrade fully into the advanced stage what is now called “The Divine Diet™” From my years of other spiritual practices and heightening my vibration, it was high enough to finally transition to a more advanced level of consciousness. At that time I didn’t realize entirely all of my 3 major life purposes, but once I shifted my vibrational frequency in the late 2012 I attended a spiritual ceremony where a breakthrough happened. The essence of my soul that was missing birthed the foundation of itself in my body. It was shocking because I was speaking “I’m in my body, oh my god I’m in my body” I couldn’t believe it! I was opening my mouth to say these words, but it wasn’t the old me that was saying this, it was a new higher vibrational me that was saying this. After that, everything changed, I channeled from my higher self why my 3 major life purposes were, what my talents were and magnitudes of more talent were being expressed because more of my authentic self was in my body. One of my life purposes was to teach the spiritual practices that helped me awaken my authentic self, which answers this question. From that moment on I have been serving people to change their lives and awaken and monetize their god given talents, their life purpose.

Who are your clients exactly?

I work with people just like you in private practice and other independent professionals who are really motivated and want to do whatever it takes to change their lives and advance their life purpose.

We work with anywhere from high school students who are starting out and don’t know what their life purpose is, to college students to, people in the 9-5 jobs, self employed people all looking for one thing, awaken and monetize their god given talents.

To name a few we work with: musicians, painters, performers, singers, models, artists, accountants, clothing designers, actors, sculptors, crafters, teachers, life coaches, marketing consultants, personal trainers, business coaches, massage therapists, image consultants, interior decorators, holistic health counselors, nutritionists, physics, professional voice teachers, photographers, high performance coaches, alexander technique teachers, acupuncturists, writers, event planners and web designers.

What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field?

If I haven’t, you are not at a disadvantage, quite the contrary. Here is why: people in your field are most likely doing all the same thing to attract clients, which creates a lot of the same. The advantage is that I bring a fresh perspective to your business and life purpose and give you recourses that you’re never thought of in their field. Because of this you are more likely to stand out in your area of expertise and talent and as a result attract more business.

How are you different from other “life, health and business coaches”?

I only work with people who have an entrepreneurial spirit; usually self employed who is spiritually oriented, not with large corporations. My other difference is that I include the spiritual aspect of the business. Without this there is no long-term stability in progress, or any real massive progress. This spiritual aspect of growth is well rounded and integrated at all levels, not just one or two levels like a lot of coaching does.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy seminars, products and programs were created for people who are eager and enthusiastic about deepening their levels of authentic god given talents, and expending their prosperity via their life purpose as a business. I work with people who are hungry for a deeper more fulfilling life, they are tired of working at a job that has nothing to do with their life purpose, they are frustrated with lack of talent, or simply want to figure out how to make more money at their life purpose. In summary they are a high achieving go-getters who would do whatever it takes to get to the next level.

For what type of professional is this program NOT going to work?

People who are not willing to do whatever it takes to make a financial investment in themselves, even if it looks hard to do so they make the sacrifices to feed their education.

We choose not to work with complainers, negative people who are skeptical all the time, pessimistic, or procrastinators who never do their assignments and miss their coaching sessions, or quitters. If you fall into one of these categories, for the sake of both of us, don’t waste your time and money in the program.

What exactly is the 4BodyAwakeningSystem™ and what does it include?

It’s a series of audio programs and written material that instructs on how to awaken the four bodies so that you are more able to channel more of your divine talents and life purpose. It gives you the wealth mindset you need to prosper with your life purpose. If you choose you can complement this program with a series of life coaching. You can get the program for free if you purchase 4 months of coaching.

It includes:

  1. 24 Ascension Activation Meditation Cd: to awaken the spiritual body for higher vibrational frequencies to channel higher levels of the divine talent.
  2. Reawaken Your Authentic Self Book
  3. 10 Day Success Program, 10CD’s on Awakening The Authentic Self to manifest your life purpose
  4. 10 Meditation cd on changing the inner mindset game

P.S. We also offer 12 Month programs, please look at our Sprout Phase, Budding Phase, Blooming Phase, to see if these are right for you.

Does this really work?

Yes! The results of our work is a strategy that will open prosperity on all levels, and over time with your dedication works consistently to expand your inner prosperity of fulfillment and financial freedom.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  1. An expansion in productivity levels in your business.
  2. A happier more fulfilled life even without having all your goals met.
  3. Greater increase in income
  4. Unexpected blessings from the universe due to higher frequencies of vibration.
  5. Clarity on what to do next for your business and life purpose and awakening your talent.
  6. Marketing Strategies that work to expand your business.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what its like to work with you?

Yes! I encourage you to! Please go to the success stories page and read all of them. See which ones you feel drawn to, either because of a similar profession or just an intuitive hunch. Contact us at info@reawakenyourauthenticself.com and ask us to speak with one of them, we will ask their permission and get you in contact with them.

How quickly can I expect results?

It depends on where you are. If you don’t know what your life purpose is yet, it might take 12-26 months to see a drastic growth in your talent expression and awakening provided you give it your all with the strategies in this program. However, those are fast results in my book, considering people don’t know what their life purpose is for life. All in all you can expect the fastest results possible, this program is designed to give you all the strategies in divine marketing, wealth mindset and personal awakening of the life purpose.

How can I guarantee myself that I will get more clients, in record time?

Do whatever it takes to do as much as you can in the program. Ask your coach what the best strategy is for you to do this and then give your all in this area. Get ready to be totally focus, and have faith that we go back to make you successful.

Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program?

Yes! Absolutely! The amount of life force and high vibration that you will be activating will be pulling energetically so much prosperity for decades to come, there is no question that the higher your emotional vibration, the deeper your prosperity around you will become! That coupled with the best wealth mindset for you business will skyrocket your success.

What are your coaching programs like?

We first do an assessment of where you’re at in your life and design a coaching program specifically tailored to you. If you’re just doing coaching and have not signed up for the 12-month program (which includes coaching), the coaching alone will be more extensive to cover all the information you need to succeed. Our coaching is unique in that it not only keeps you accountable, but focuses on keeping your in your positive emotions and how to stay there so that you may attract higher levels of manifestation.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do.

Ok, I know what program I want, how do I get started?

Please fill out our get acquainted call form in the contact button page or call or email us, this information is in the same page.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

Please sign up for the free webinar at our home page and read our blog, it’s filled with tons of free invaluable information!

I have a family and a busy life. Although I want more clients badly, I don’t have much time to spare. How much time do I need?

If you want to fulfill your life purpose badly enough there is always a time you can make to work on what you love and are meant to do. If you sign up with us will coach you to find creative ways on how to do just that.

Ok, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

You can call us toll free at 1-844-847-0542 or at info@reawakenyourauthenticself.com