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Attention Creative Artist,

(Writers, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, film directors, jewelry designers, painters, graphic designers, milliners, poets, performers, comedians, culinary artist and all artist of all forms!)

Are your creative talents not fully awakened and you sense you lack unlimited effortless creativity? Do you struggle with monetizing your creative talent or hit a plateau with your income doing what you love?


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Awaken and Monetize Your Life Purpose by using Divina's 4BodyAwakeningSystem(TM)
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Are you clueless on your life purpose/talents?

If you don’t know exactly what your life purpose is or your real talents, or have somewhat of a clue but your still feeling confusion, and you are looking to reawaken to them your primary focus needs to be on following a proven step-by-step system with strategies that expand your spiritual body that activates direct communication from the divine about your mission and life purpose!



Are your talents / income a little rusty?

If you do know what your life purpose and talents are, and you feel like the fullest expression of it is missing and you haven’t monetized the financial abundance you want and deserve, your primary focus is to create a lifestyle of heightening your vibration so that you can channel more fully your talent and also work on your wealth mindset.



Are you talented and well off, but want more income and a sharper talented edge?

If you are really talented already, but you desire a more expanded talented level, and you do have a good income coming in but want to multiply it much easier than you have, then your primary focus is the mindset of wealth and the art of divine marketing.

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Blooming Phase

Are you ready to BLOOM much bigger and attract more “bees and butterflies” to your nectar’s business?


Who You Are

You are blooming with amazing talent and you are well off financially over six figures in income. You are likely ambitious and don’t want to settle for where you are, you are ready for a deeper edge in your business and your wondering what is next. You already have a good mindset for wealth, or you wouldn’t have attracted it, you know however that there is always something new to learn to sharpen your edge.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

You’re successful, but there are still holes and gaps in your business that need to be filled and taken to the next level. You still do other activities that aren’t related to your life purpose that prevents you from expressing fully your unique god given talents. Even though you have help, your still doing things on your own that you so call say that you delegate to others, because you want to control everything. You can’t materialize a bigger vision for your life purposes as a business because of the way its set up. You can’t see where the holes are and you are in need of someone pointing them out to you.

What you Need the Most Right Now

Your primary focus is key wealth mindset and divine marketing distinctions that will make a tremendous difference in the different problem gaps in your already successful business. Your secondary focus is of talent that is already blooming, lets add a few much bigger and larger petals to attract more “client bees and butterflies” into your “pollinating and nectar” business.

The BLOOMING PHASE is uniquely designed to give you the proven step-by-step system you need to BLOOM BIGGER than you already are in your business. It’s about playing a much bigger game for the highly successful individual.

When you enroll in the BLOOMING Phase, you will receive a 12 month program made up of weekly teleclasses made up of spiritual body activation meditations and daily lifestyle plans to help awaken the body temple with more light so that the soul body can anchor itself better which equals to a higher expression of your god given talents. It also consists of an online membership to access the curriculum, which is full of audio, video and worksheets. Your classes will be anywhere from 30-90 minutes, on average about an hour.

You will be assigned your very own Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy Coach, who will support you and champion you in getting to the next level as quickly and easily. These calls are made every other month and will allow you to get one on one personal time to strategize with and gain clarity from your expert talent and business coach, who will keep you accountable to stay on track with your goals so that you may be getting ahead faster as you take action, than you would if you didn’t have a coach.

To keep you on track, you will also have a Facebook community to interact with other people to keep you motivated and for you to ask for any help you may need in your process.

There will also be a daily live weekday only (Monday through Friday) 5-8 minute Collaborative Group Prosperity & Positive Emotion Magnetization Meditation call by Divina personally to center you into positive emotion and keep you accountable to implement in your life what matters most. Your focus in implementation will skyrocket AND everybody will be interlinking their energy and building positive loving energy together, and you will take that POWERFULLY UNSTOPPABLE magnetic prosperity force field of the energy of the group through the day. From the moment you start this, you will NEVER feel alone anymore because you are connected to the Reawaken Your Authentic Self FAMILY! This is the law of attraction in action, the more positive emotion you feel, the more you allow prosperity to be attracted to you! Watch how this daily practice will accelerate prosperity in your life and attract unexpected blessings in your life!

You will have the opportunity to select your on personal Guardian of Love & Accountability from the participants of the Academy. You will keep each other in check to keep positive emotions high so that this can fuel you to take maximum action, and you will be checking each other’s action performance in their business and personal life.

Live Events

We will have weekly live 30-90 minute meditation teleclasses and group-coaching calls via phone or live audio web broadcast. This is a 12-month teleclass. These teleclasses focus on building the light of the spiritual and physical body so that you are able to channel your talents at a more profound level. Your live group coaching calls are the mindset aspect that you need in order to be more successful with your practice of implementing the spiritual body and body temple activations.

You will also have access to 2 live events a year in Los Angeles, California that are designed for deepening the understanding of the curriculum, expanding consciousness with activation of more light vibrational frequencies. These events are not just seminars, they are fun filled full of dance and play event and they are a magnetic force field of positive energy that attracts more prosperity in your life and business. If these events are the sun, then you are the sunflower being nourished from it.

You have the opportunity to mingle with your family at these events. You have joined a community of like-minded individuals who want to help and love each other into a new level of growth. Ask them for help, and be open to be unconditionally loving and helpful to your new family! Find fulfillment in your caring family! Please note, the universe divinely orchestrates these events to attract the right people you need, stay open to receive!

If travel is an issue our meetings will be available online and can be accessed from any location.

Are you ready to register for the BLOOMING PHASE of the program?

If you are ready to let go of your frustrations and your lack of progress in your life and clear all the confusion of why you are not getting results, and start to attract more prosperity in your life over the next 12-24 months, with coaching one on one, group call coaching, live events, Guardians of Love & Accountability, online curriculum, daily 5 minute meditation of prosperity and a FAMILY that will be lovingly interlinked with you to support your life through the day, then this is it for you! What are you waiting for, register now!

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Client Success Stories

shirineI have implemented many of the teachings of this program into my life and I really appreciate the results of awakened consciousness, happiness and a greater alignment to my life purpose!!!

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benj_clarkThe spiritual body aspect of the program helped me awaken creativity levels I never new possible especially as a musician. It was so instrumental in giving me tools that helped me express of my life purpose…

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sarah_christensen…Amazing results due to tested ways to elevate energetic frequencies in day-to-day life to align my life purpose. Thanks to her openness to share her life work, I have been able to use Awakening Your Authentic Self to continue doing just as the title offers!

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