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Purchase the #1 International Bestseller :
“Reawaken Your Authentic Self”

Reawaken_BookIn Reawaken Your Authentic Self, law of attraction life purpose and abundance coach Divina reveals the top and most life changing tools and techniques on reawakening your authentic self that maximizes your god given talents and generates and attracts greater prosperity and breaks it down into four major chapters addressing how to activate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to create an integrated authentic self. The Divine Diet as revealed in this book and as Divina calls it for all of your four bodies mentioned above, are about to profoundly change your life and are about to become your greatest gift for true personal success.


(Currently e-book format):

“The author, Divina Caballo, offers her personal use of diet, exercise and affirmations in such a generous way I feel as if I was given a very expensive gift! Thanks to her openness to share her life work, I have been able to use Awakening Your Authentic Self to continue doing just as the title offers!”

Sarah Christensen, Los Angeles, CA

I will personally reveal and show you exactly how to use my step-by-step 4BodyAwakeningSystem™ methods — and actually give to you the strategies you need — so you always have a consistently growing awakening and monetization of your god given talents so you never EVER worry about awakening and monetizing your god given talents because make more money doing your life purpose and what you love every month than you ever imagined, and you finally experience ultimate fulfillment with what you were always meant to do and financial security.

What exactly does the 4 Body Awakening
System™ entail?

The 4BodyAwakeningSystem is a complete and step by step easy to understand program that will point out to you and teach you everything you need to know on how to awaken and monetize your god given talents, by showing you how to awaken your authentic self also known as your higher self, your soul or spiritual self. By transforming your being into a bigger more expansive soul, by awakening your authentic self, your higher self into your body temple, you are also inviting its inherent outstanding excellent talent to come forth and be expressed in your daily life. This is why we have named our academy Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy.

When you shift your lifestyle to include these sacred spiritual practices as discussed in the program, everything changes in your life and you start living a more fulfilled richer and abundant life in your personal and professional life. That is why I created the 4BodyAwakeningSystem and it works like nothing else that I have ever experienced. You can read our testimonials about the amazing results that my students of the Academy have been getting by reading the testimonial section of the site.

This 4 module program helps you to systematically awaken and monetize your god given talents the easiest way possible so you can have more financial abundance in with what god, the universe really wants you to spend most of your time in witch is your authentic god given talent. It is time for you to make it a full-blown prosperous career!

This is the biggest shortcut, step by step easy to implement system that removes all the guesswork, all the frustration you may be having, all the wasted time out of consistently growing yourself into a more awakened individual in your god given talents, in your authentic self and in your financial prosperity that comes inherently with your talents. Even if you’re starting from nothing, even if you don’t know what your god given talents are, you can awaken your fullest potential, and it’s GUARANTEED!

You are the most important creation of the universe, the universe, god loves you and wants you to succeed, you deserve to stop struggling and use my own amazing secret sauce for awakening and monetizing your god given talents and saving yourself avalanches of time and frustration and struggle.

If you ever asked yourself “When is it going to be my time to be happy, to finally do what I love to do full time and make good money at it?” This program is for you. It shows you how to awaken your authentic god given talent and make more money by unblocking wrong mindset in a way that you have never done before.

This system will aid you in massively growing your authentic self by growing you like a tree, but this is growth the roots and the tree trunk of your spiritual body with the sacred spiritual practices in this program. You will wonder where has your authentic self been all these years and you will feel the most aligned with your authentic self and who you were always meant to express in your talents.

Here are some of the results our past clients are getting:

This transformational program is a easy step by step approach to awakening your god given talents and unblocking mindset to finally monetize it, that will then help you get more customers and make a financial abundance, without the effort you’re experiencing now. Here’s what you’ll experience in the four body awakening system:

  1. Hone in on the EXACT clients or patients that will pay you what you’re worth, get great results and send you referral
  2. Create a compelling marketing message that will make your ideal client say, “Wow, that’s exactly what I need, I need to work with you!”
  3. Make your service stand out in your industry and in the marketplace
  4. Have created a Client Attraction strategy within the first three months
  5. Get proven ways of educating your environment so more than just your clients are sending you referrals
  6. Set rates that sell
  7. Create packages and programs so your clients stay longer and get better results, write you compelling testimonials, and have you make more money
  8. Learn how to handle your clients (and your time) more efficiently so you actually have time for MORE clients and more revenue
  9. Get out there and network effectively (for once)
  10. Reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively
  11. Work smarter at building your practice, not harder
  12. Close the sale without ever feeling sales-y
  13. Become an expert in your field (and be perceived, and paid, as such)
  14. Create power referral partnerships and strategic alliances
  15. Get proven techniques you can apply right away to not have to reinvent the Client Attraction wheel on your own
  16. Receive specific tools for you to use: “just add water”
  17. Create greater exposure and visibility for yourself and your practice
  18. Learn time saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve
  19. Make more money than you’re making now, while enjoying being in business for yourself even more than you’re enjoying it now
  20. Implement systems so you consistently market your services easily and can finally stop struggling to get clients, for good

This is just the very beginning of what you’ll recieve, and you’ll experience so many more transformational life changers that will have you manifest new results in your god given talents and financial abundance that it so richly can give you.

That is when the faucet of talent fulfillment and financial abundance gets turned on and flows effortlessly for you that you will experience like I have and a lot of my students.

This system will take out all the unessesary struggle for you and bring in a smarter approach that eliminates wasted time and energy.

borisI found this program to be excellent and I really love it. It covers everything that you need to know about how to lead a healthy and vibrant life. After applying the program, It really helped me to uncover who I truly am and live my life authentically, I feel joyful now and with a fulfilling existence! My life has changed from applying much of what I have read in this book and I am really grateful that the author shares so much with the reader about how to attract and create the kind of life you always dreamed of but did not know how or where to begin. I have told all of my family and friends about this fantastic program and how it can change their lives! can’t wait to continue with her seminars and programs.

Boris, Los Angeles, CA

stacey_isonDivina’s 4BodyAwakening system and coaching program is exceptional, before the coaching I was a hesitant in moving forward with my life purpose smoothly, but she has an uncanny ability of knowing what you need and getting the results you need. She kept me accountable, and helped be stay in control and power as I implemented the 4BodyAwakening system. I’m blown away by the information in this system and how it helped me awaken my own consciousness and life purpose and how to monetize it. Most of all I was impressed at how quickly I was able to implement and get results in my career. Thank you Divina!

Stacey Ison, Irvine, CA

There are Two Ways to Consume the 4 Body Awakening System™ – Your Options Are…

Everyone learns differently, so this coaching program comes in two ways, you can start with the products on your own and consume the Book, and the three audio programs, or you can get the ENTIRE PROGRAM FOR FREE, if you upgrade to the one on one 4 month coaching program:


Book, 10 Day audio program, 24 Spiritual Activation Meditation cd, 10 changer inner game meditations, and bonus
LIVING FOOD recipe books.

pack 1-no background


The four month coaching session includes: 12 coaching sessions (3 coaching sessions a month) Certified Life Coaching!

pack 2-no back ground

We have different rates and packages for our coaching program to fit your unique needs, please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE and fill out our form for your FREE get acquainted call,
and we will get back to you shortly!

Whatever program you choose, there are two aspects of the program that you will get:

  1. You can do this program as fast or as slow as you would like. The course is not forceful, its actually easy to implement at your own schedule as it permits you to learn and action it. We all have busy lives and so you get to choose the pace you want to learn the course. You can descide if you choose to do only 30 minutes a day for egsample, in the morning day or night. I have set it up so you can enjoy your own pace of learning, one that feels comfortable for you. This is about embracing your personal schedule.
  2. You will have this information for the rest of your life! Its yours to keep, anything that you learn in this program is forever yours and no one can take it away from you! You can go back to it years later and descide to implement as much as you would like. Remember this course is a life long lifestyle and you will have the opportunity to refer back to it as you go along in those years of growth till the day that you leave this planet!

What we’ll cover in the course …

The 4BodyAwakening system System is laid out in 4 steps. Here is the outline of the major teachings of the course here:


Now that you’ve read the contents of the program, you can see how, you can most effectively awaken and monetize your god given talents in the shortest time possible.

So, here’s what you get and what it’s worth:

  1. The book: Reawaken Your Authentic Self: Attract the life of Your Dreams by becoming who you really are. The information here will be worth thousands of dollars to you valued at $899
  2. The 10 day audio program on Reawakening Your authentic self priced at $897
  3. 5 Transformational meditations based on the teachings of the program $350
  4. 24 spiritual activation meditation worth $999
  5. Coaching with divina 350hr for 12 sessions (4 month program) is : $4,200

Added all up, the total value for
the program is about $7,000!

Please note that if you’re investing in this program to further your career, your entire investment is 100% tax deductible. Just make sure its accurate with your accountant.


All of my students that have applied the teachings in this program have experienced phenomenal results, please do check the testimonials below on how people felt about this program:

benj_clarkBefore working with Divina, I had a lot of insecurities about my work as a musician and human being, I lacked confidence and energy on a physical level. Then after working with Divina in my health in my physical diet and I was impressed with the information she offered in this part of the program which was different than anything I offered. It was so instrumental in giving me energy and the mindset part of the program was important to help me stay centered in my new diet changes that affected my expression of my life purpose. The spiritual aspect of the program helped me awaken creativity levels I never new possible especially as a musician.

Benj Clark, Los Angeles, CA

shirineBefore working with Divina, I was stubborn, and not fully being able to express my authentic self, but after being in the program I realized how much I had changed. This is an absolutely amazing system — filled with lots of wonderful information that teaches about health, happiness, and spiritual well-being and awakening. I have implemented many of the teachings of this book into my life and I really appreciate the results of awakened consciousness, happiness and a greater alignment to my life purpose!!! This holistic program truly represents excellent food for thought and reflection for body, mind and spirit. Thank you to the author for sharing such a treasure with this 4bodyawakeningsystem.

Shirine, Los Angeles, CA

You’re making a risk-free investment because there’s a complete money back guarantee!

guaranteeI want you to know that I offer a complete money-back guarantee if this program doesn’t work for you. That means, if you apply everything that I teach you and you don’t create a shift in your business and new results, then you shouldn’t pay for it and I’ll be happy to refund you. Here’s the deal though, I will expect you to do the work and this is built into my guarantee. It’s only fair, right? Here are the details: Here is the main aspect of the guaraentee. 60 day money back for the 4bodyAwakeningSystemTM without the coaching program. We are reffering to option #1 being offered in this page.

As per the coaching program, after our first coaching call, the entire program will not be refundable. Meaning If we have done 1 coaching call, you have until BEFORE the next scheduled coaching call to cancel the other. Once you have completed your second coaching call, the program will not be refundable and the entire program MUST be paid in full.

My money back guarantee is all about you putting your learning into action. It’s meant to have you take big action and results. Why? Because I believe in Personal Responsibility and I do not encourage excuses. You must know that the guarantee is conditional and that we expect for you to go through the program to make it work and we want to see proof that you did go through the steps of the program.

Still have questions? Contact us at info@reawakenyourauthenticself.com or visit our About page to get your frequently asked questions answered.


Book, 10 Day audio program, 24 Spiritual Activation Meditation cd, 10 changer inner game meditations, and bonus
LIVING FOOD recipe books.

pack 1-no background


The four month coaching session includes: 12 coaching sessions (3 coaching sessions a month) Certified Life Coaching!

pack 2-no back ground

We have different rates and packages for our coaching program to fit your unique needs, please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE and fill out our form for your FREE get acquainted call,
and we will get back to you shortly!