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Attention Creative Artist,

(Writers, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, film directors, jewelry designers, painters, graphic designers, milliners, poets, performers, comedians, culinary artist and all artist of all forms!)

Are your creative talents not fully awakened and you sense you lack unlimited effortless creativity? Do you struggle with monetizing your creative talent or hit a plateau with your income doing what you love?


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Awaken and Monetize Your Life Purpose by using Divina's 4BodyAwakeningSystem(TM)
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Are you clueless on your life purpose/talents?

If you don’t know exactly what your life purpose is or your real talents, or have somewhat of a clue but your still feeling confusion, and you are looking to reawaken to them your primary focus needs to be on following a proven step-by-step system with strategies that expand your spiritual body that activates direct communication from the divine about your mission and life purpose!



Are your talents / income a little rusty?

If you do know what your life purpose and talents are, and you feel like the fullest expression of it is missing and you haven’t monetized the financial abundance you want and deserve, your primary focus is to create a lifestyle of heightening your vibration so that you can channel more fully your talent and also work on your wealth mindset.



Are you talented and well off, but want more income and a sharper talented edge?

If you are really talented already, but you desire a more expanded talented level, and you do have a good income coming in but want to multiply it much easier than you have, then your primary focus is the mindset of wealth and the art of divine marketing.

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Course Summary


Chapter One: Reawaken Your Authentic Self

  • The Current State of World Consciousness
  • The Challenges I Faced and My Way Out
  • My Success and My Student’s Success Story
  • The Big Picture: The Introduction
  • Overcoming Our Biggest Obstacles

In this part of the program you will understand what mindset block you may have that may be preventing you from moving forward with the program. Without a correct mindset you cannot be successful.

Chapter Two: The Divine Diet for the Mental Body

  • The Foundation of Your Success
  • Purpose
  • Habit
  • Smiling Joy Meditation
  • Faith
  • Affirmation & Visualization
  • Associating with Positive Minds
  • Be Joyously Present
  • Putting it into Practice

In this part of the program we continue with mindset. These major parts of what is being discussed is absolutely crucial to move forward successfully in implementing the rest of the techniques in the program, once these are mastered and used correctly you can move forwards with the tools here to manifest a great divine emotional body, physical and spiritual. Mindset is the majority of the game to win it!

Chapter Three: The Divine Diet for the Emotional Body

  • Emotions Are Your Life
  • You Are Only Positive Emotion
  • Beliefs Affect Your Happiness
  • Happiness Is In Constant Personal Growth
  • Adding Emotion To Affirmations
  • Focused Visualization for Positive Emotions
  • The Power of Gratitude, Enthusiasm, Love
  • Set The Intention To Enjoy Everyday
  • Food and Exercise for Positive Emotion
  • Putting It Into Practice

Understanding why you have emotions, and that they are the ultimate intelligence that brings you wealth is important to understand here as well as how your thoughts affect your emotions. High vibrational emotions equal awakened talent.

Chapter Four: The Divine Diet for the Physical Body

  • The Mind Body Connection
    • The Psychology Behind a Healthy Body
    • Using Affirmation/Visualization to Create
    • Massive Energy, Health and Wellbeing
  • The Body Movement
    • Bikram Yoga
    • Rebounding
    • Dancing
    • Deep breathing
  • The Food Principles
    • Do not cook, freeze or rot your food
    • Vegetarian, Milk, Honey, Grains, Greens, Fruit
    • Do a colon cleanse
    • Eat Once or twice a day, once at sunrise and once at sunset. Ideally once a day, but no more than twice
    • Practice increasing your Food Intuition
    • Fast once a week, Sundays is my recommendation
    • Do not eat until fullness
    • Do a colonic at least 4 times a year with the change of seasons and when you do long fasts or colon cleanses
    • Alkalize your Body
    • The Power of Understanding Protein and Authentic Nutrition
    • The Power of Juicing and Liquids
    • Always Take Super foods
    • Eat Locally Grown Food
    • Nourishing Your outer Body
  • Putting It Into Practice

This diet will magnify your emotional body and magnify your spiritual body because its ability to raise your vibration to match your authentic self’s vibration. Be sure to be loyal to this lifestyle and you will see an abundance of talent awaken. This is in preparation for the last module of spiritual body, because the spiritual body cannot anchor itself properly without a clean body!

Chapter Five: The Divine Diet for the Spiritual Body

  • Fasting
  • The Power of Entheogens
  • Spiritual Body Activation Meditations
  • Putting It Into Practice

These are the most powerful techniques that will awaken your spiritual body that I have come across, without these, your awakened talent cannot happen as quickly as you would like, take advantage of these teachings.

MOVING ON! 10 day audio program:

Similar information to the book, slightly different format, and slightly different information. Consuming via audio is a great tool to deepen your understanding of the program, here is the summary of what we will cover:

  1. Introduction to the importance of Reawakening your Authentic Self
  2. How to activate your mind set to make you empowered to take action
  3. How to activate your emotions for euphoric happiness
  4. How to cleanse and take care of your body to attract your authentic self
  5. Key plant medicines and fasting methods to reawaken your authentic self to the maximum.


These 24 spiritual body activation CD are literally hundreds of spiritual activations of the spiritual hiarchy from sacred books and texts that I have found to awaken my spiritual body to its maximum potential. MY HIGHER SELF TOLD ME THAT I WOULD BECOME VERY POWERFUL IF I PRACTICE THESE THAT I AM GIVING TO YOU. So please take advantage of this program and you can practice one meditation a week, here is the outline: Please not that you may not understand some of the terms in this meditation, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are open to receive from spiritual and your anges and spiritual guides.

  1. Egyptian Gods& Goddesses Soul Activation Meditation
  2. The Goddess Soul Activation Meditation
  3. Cosmic Soul Activation Meditation
  4. Elevator to God Soul Activation Meditation
  5. Tree of Life Soul Activation Meditation
  6. Gods of Creation Soul Activation Meditation
  7. Heavenly Father Soul Activation Meditation
  8. Gaia Soul Activation Meditation
  9. Fire Healing Soul Activation Meditation
  10. Archangel Soul Activation Meditation
  11. Christed Soul Activation Meditation
  12. Melchizedeck Soul Activation Meditation
  13. Buddha Soul Activation Meditation
  14. Spiritual Body Soul Activation Meditation
  15. Cosmic Cleansing Soul Activation Meditation
  16. Ray Soul Activation Meditation
  17. God Soul Activation Meditation
  18. I am presence Soul Activation Meditation
  19. Spiritual Soul Activation Meditation
  20. Cosmic Spiritual Soul Activation Meditation
  21. Protection Soul Activation Meditation
  22. Christed Extraterrestrial Soul Activation Meditation
  23. Light Body Soul Activation Meditation
  24. Gift of God Soul Activation Meditation

Finally, we also have…

They are based on the teachings of the 4 body awakening system materials, here is the outline of the meditations:

  1. Sunflower of Positive Emotion Meditation
  2. Silent Joy Meditation
  3. Begginers essene diet visualization
  4. Advanced essene diet visualization
  5. Building the immortal body meditation

Free Bonus!

Two FREE living foods recipe books!

These recipe books are based on the essence diet part of the program in the third module, covering the physical body aspect of the program. These recipe books will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle in a delicious way!

  1. Divina’s Living Carribean Cuisine
  2. Divina’s Hearty Raw Foods