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Success Stories

sarah_christensenBefore working with Divina, my level of energetic frequency was lower and I was much less conscious in my awakening of my authentic self, but then after working with Divina’s 4BodyAwakening System™ I realized it is a treasure trove of tools and resources for someone, such as myself, that elevated my energetic frequencies in day to day life for a fuller expression of my talents, life purpose and authentic self. It also covers practices that I am implementing for long term results that have heightened my sensitivities and awareness of the influences we let into our lives. The author, Divina Caballo, offers her personal use of diet, exercise and affirmations in such a generous way I feel as if I was given a very expensive gift! Thanks to her openness to share her life work, I have been able to use Awakening Your Authentic Self to continue doing just as the title offers! Thank you, Divina, priceless information! If you have any questions about her work you can contact me on facebook.

Thank you for this priceless information, my level of creativity as upgraded, and I cannot thank you enough for increasing more abundance into my career!

Sarah Christensen, Los Angeles, CA

benj_clarkBefore working with Divina, I had a lot of insecurities about my work as a musician and human being, I lacked confidence and energy on a physical level. Then after working with Divina in my health in my physical diet and I was impressed with the information she offered in this part of the program which was different than anything I offered. It was so instrumental in giving me energy and the mindset part of the program was important to help me stay centered in my new diet changes that affected my expression of my life purpose. The spiritual aspect of the program helped me awaken creativity levels I never new possible especially as a musician.

The spiritual aspect of the program helped me awaken creativity levels I never new possible especially as a musician! 

Benj Clark, Los Angeles, CA

shirineBefore working with Divina, I was stubborn, and not fully being able to express my authentic self, but after being in the program I realized how much I had changed. This is an absolutely amazing system — filled with lots of wonderful information that teaches about health, happiness, and spiritual well-being and awakening. I have implemented many of the teachings of this program into my life and I really appreciate the results of awakened consciousness, happiness and a greater alignment to my life purpose!!! This holistic program truly represents excellent food for thought and reflection for body, mind and spirit. Thank you to the author for sharing such a treasure with this 4bodyawakeningsystem.

I really appreciate the results of attracting more prosperity, happiness and a greater alignment to my creative talent!!!

Shirine, Los Angeles, CA

borisI purchased the program by Divina and found it to be an excellent system that I really love. This program covers everything that you need to know about how to lead a healthy and vibrant life. It really helps you to uncover who you truly are and how to live an authentic, joyful and fulfilling existence! My life has changed from applying much of what I have learned and I am really grateful that Divina shares so much with the reader about how to attract and create the kind of life you always dreamed of but did not know how or where to begin. I have told all of my family and friends about this fantastic program and how it can change their lives! I can’t wait to consume her other products and programs.

My life has change after I have applied much of what I have learned from the program. I have increased my level of fulfillment and creativity in my life and attracting more abundance, thank you Divina! 

Boris, Los Angeles, CA

stacey_isonDivina’s 4BodyAwakening system and coaching program is exceptional and so insightful. Before the coaching I was a hesitant in moving forward with my life purpose and had beliefs holding me back from the love and abundance I deserved, but she put me at ease with her sense of humor and has an uncanny ability getting the results you need. Then after coaching with her, I learned to value myself for the amazing woman I am. The 3 most important results I got in my life are becoming a successful entrepreneur, bringing love in, and receiving the abundance I deserve thanks to Divina and her program.

Wow! After coaching with Divina what I received was amazing, I became a more successful entrepreneur by unblocking my energetic mindset issues that Divina identified. After that my level of inspiration and creativity increased!

Stacey Ison, Irvine, CA

peggy_mccollDivina’s unique take on Reawakening Your Authentic Self allows you to heal in mind, body and soul. This program is Equipped with so many powerful, practical and straight forward lessons, this program allows you to walk confidently along the route your true soul desires/life purpose.

This program is so powerfully equipped to unblock higher levels of creativity and attracting more abundance into your career, definitely recommend to anyone who wants more of that in their lives! 

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

brett_dupreeDivina’s Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy is a wondrous and joyous step by step manual to unleash your full potential. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to authentically awaken to who they really are in order to awaken and monetize their life purpose.

This program helped me unleash my full potential in my abundance and my career! Definitely recommend it for those who want to unblock and monetize their creative talents! 

Brett Dupree, Professional Speaker, Author of Joyous Expansion and Life Coach

cyndi_crockettDivina Caballo has done a great job helping people awaken to their own happiness and authentic self in her program. She shares openly and from her heart about her own personal awakening and how you can find the answers you are searching for in your own life. She sets up the step by step framework of how you can awaken to who you truly are on all levels so that you can awaken the fullest potential of your life purpose and increase your abundance in all areas. Divina delivers her wisdom in a soulful, heart felt manner and truly has a passion to helps you find happiness and connection in an authentic way. She includes the tools she developed for the body, mind and spirit that will assist you in opening and deepening your spiritual connection and awakening to your life purpose. This program that will become your go to guide for awakening to your highest potential in your personal and professional life, by developing a greater spiritual connection and living a healthier, happier, whole life. It is a holistic program with step by step instructions on what to do on all levels of body, mind, emotions and spirit to live authentically in happiness and awaken and monetize your purpose. Bravo, Divina!

This program has become my guide to awakening my highest creativity potential and unblocking the hidden blocks that hold back my abundance! This has definitely increased by abundance in all areas of my life! 

Cyndi Crockett, Business Consultant